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Leaving the rust behind


Waxoyl is a self-healing, rust-preventative fluid. It is used to slow down the formation of rust, by excluding water and air from contacting bare metal as well as slowing any existing surface rust using phosphoric acid oxidation inhibitors. Waxoyl is a petroleum based product, made up of wax particles suspended in white spirit (which evaporates after application) leaving a protective, semi-cured coating. It's a good idea to consider using Waxoyl to protect your Land Rover from its only enemy.


At Nexus your vehicles will undergo some initial preparation work by us. This will involve a deep chassis and under-body clean down. In doing this we endeavour to remove all those loose bits of rust, grit and dirt, allowing for a more effective application. Once the underside is prepared and thoroughly dried, we then apply the WaxOyl using a compressed air system from underneath the vehicle. The compressed air system allows the WaxOyl to get to all those difficult and hard to reach places including areas such as wheel arches. With vehicles such as Land Rovers the WaxOyl will be applied to the major chassis components and frame rails. On uni-body and monocoque vehicles the WaxOyl will be applied to the entire accessible floor-plan.