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Mine Mine Mine

The owner gets a new toy



Decided it was time if finally get my own Defender before I’m to old to get in one !!

Started with a standard Galvanised Chassis and other bits and pieces.

A Td5 engine and Disco gearbox as the sticks where in the wrong place, this has now allowed me to buy a Disco 3 center console which looks ace, (have to say I don’t like the cuddy boxes) I also want to include the hand break on top of the seat box and hopfuly in the console too !!!

TDCI Dash/Bulkhead and bonnet. (hopefully connecting the engine to the TDCI clocks (some how) !!

2″ Raised suspension with Standard arched but 35″ x 15″ Tyres !


  • Galvernised Chassis
  • Td5 Engine
  • New Suspension with 2″ lift
  • New Breaks
  • New Steering
  • Discovert 3 Center Concol
  • TDCI Bulkhead
  • TDCI Bonnet
  • TDCI Seats
  • LED/Cree Light all round
  • Fully Sound Proofed
  • New Carpet Set
  • New Wheel Carrier
  • New Heated Screen
  • ManTec Snorkel
  • WOLF Air Intake
  • Roof Rack
  • Spot Lights
  • Class Tint
  • Winch & Winch Bumper
  • Galvernised Chassis
  • Complete Re-Spray
  • NAS Rear Step
  • 35″ BF Tyres
  • Item text 10