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Defender 110 Came to us in "Bits-n-Pieces" !



This Defender 110 petrol project was bought by a new customer Andy, who was recommended to us by one of our previous ‘Defender Restoration’ customers.  We went with him to look at a chassis and boxes of bits in a barn on a farm. The Defender when last running was a 3.5l v8 on carbs ‘110 County Station Wagon’. Andy bought the landy and we collected it using our Defender 90 & 25ft Car Trailer, leaving the customer to collect the interior, seats etc. The original plan was to clean, paint and renew as a standard 110 vehicle, having talked to Andy (twisting his arm a bit) and as we had stripped it down to the chassis we’ve talked him into having the chassis shot blast and Galvanized and as we where doing it we’ve chucked in the bulkhead at the same time. At this time he’s going for a re-engine to a 300 Tdi from a donor vehicle.

So the donor vehicle is purchased (a 300Tdi Discovery) the engine, gearbox and transfer box already stripped out. Steamed, Cleaned, and checked over (although she sounded pretty sweet while still in the rather dilapidated Disco) and ready for a refit. The chassis has had the Engine mounts altered and is waiting with the bulkhead to go off to the galvanisers.

This vehicle is now finished, and the customer is well, well happy. Only one problem he has now, because he decided on the colour he doesnt like taking it out in the rain !!!!