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We are primarily a 4X4 specialist company, performing standard and non standard work on all makes of four wheel drive vehicles such as Land Rover (all models new and old) Mitsubishi, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Isuzu, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Kia and more.

As we are a totally independent limited company and not tied to any of the major manufacturer, our pricing is therefore dramatically reduced, saving our customers money.

“At Nexus 4X4 our aim is to build a long lasting and trusted relationship with our customers, ensuring repeat business for us and customer satisfaction for you, knowing that only necessary work will carried on your vehicle”


Here at Nexus 4X4 our primary aim to produce one off custom made bespoke Land Rovers specific to our customer’s individual requirements.

Our aim is to build you the Land Rover you desire. We will work with you on your ideas to create a vehicle with your own individual and imaginative look.

The owners and staff here a Nexus 4X4 are like minded Land Rover enthusiasts that have owned and/or worked with all the different types of Land Rovers for many years, so we fully understand and appreciate our customer’s wants and needs and share in their passion for Land Rovers.

We also want to see the phenomenon that is the Land Rover Defender, driving around on our roads for many years into the future. This iconic off-road vehicle is the benchmark for all modern four-wheel-drives and is often described as the ‘hero’ of the Land Rover Rover.


We all know that around the world the best work horse by far is the Land Rover Defender. We specialise in Land Rover rebuilds to bring back to life your work horse.

We also know that “They don’t make them like that anymore”. So, don’t just leave it to rot, or sell it for scrap, bring it to us and have it revived!

We can either repair or renew the chassis, replace it with a galvanised one or have the original one galvanised. Repair or replace body panels as and where necessary. Strip, fix and service the engine or source a replacement one. Service, fix and replace any other parts on the vehicle that are required.

So, you end up with a Land Rover that is in better condition than when you first bought it and ready to last you another 20 years.